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The DZ09 is a Chinese smart watch with basic features and the ability to make calls. These can be as cheap as $10! (Yes, you read that correctly!)

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Volume is very low

Volume is low low but turned up to max how to make louder

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Uh...If it's connected to you're phone or whatever device you have, then try turning the volume down with the buttons on your phone. Or try going to Settings>Profiles>Options(At the bottom left corner)>Customize(Between Activate and Reset. Top: Activate(Activate the setting)Middle: Customize(Select the options you want), Bottom: Reset(Reset it to default). Then scroll down, and then you should see Ringtone Volume. Press it, and then press the minus(You're not stupid so I'm not gonna tell you what the Minus and plus sign is)or the Plus. Have fun! And have a good day!

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Ringtone is fine. It's the calls and media that is so low. Not to mention i can't find just the general volume control that i had initially located when i first bought the watch.


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