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TV not responding to remote and physical buttons


Today my TV a LG 47LM669S stopped responding to the remote control and also the physical buttons weren't responding.

After a while I couldn't turn on the TV anymore.

I disassembled it and took the physical buttons board out and now it seems to be working again with the remote.

Is it possible that the physical buttons unit (I don't know the right name for that) may be broken, we don't use it at all...

By looking at its PCB all seems fine not burn or discoloured parts, what can be a good test to make to check if the part is defective?

Can the IR board be faulty?

If the part (seems to be GP4 Control) is defective where can I find a replacement part in Europe?

Here some pics of the part:

Block Image

Block Image



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my own stopped working all of a sudden bot the physical button and remote control


I have the same issues but some remote button work but most don't. None of the buttons on the unit work at all. Please help!


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The part is available on Ebay (it is located in the U.K.)

Just search online using the board number (EAX64466302) for other suppliers if this seller doesn't suit you.

The only test perhaps is to use an Ohmmeter and check if any of the buttons is s/c (short circuit) or low resistance. Although perhaps not because if it was then you would think that there would be a indication on the screen such as a permanent Volume level display in the case of a faulty Volume button for example. Maybe more than one button is faulty which would confuse the processor as to what to do and therefore it would do nothing. Just a thought.

I don't think that the IR is faulty because it works OK when you disconnect the button board.

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@Gordon Boone

Try removing the batteries from the remote control and check if the TV control buttons now work.

If no good, disconnect the power from the TV, remove the back cover and locate the TV control button board. Disconnect the cable that goes from the board to the mainboard. It may be easier to do this at the mainboard end. Check the cable plug first before removing in case there are latches, locking bars, clips etc. If none obvious gently pull the cable out by the plug and not the wires as you may pull them out of the plug.

Replace the back cover and then reconnect the power to the TV. Then try using the remote control to operate the TV.

What is the model number of the TV?

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