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For 1992 the Grand Am received new body work and a revised interior. A V6 option returned in the form of the 160 hp 3.3 L 3300 V6. The 2.3 inline four came as either a SOHC or DOHC.

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Lights don't work in dash or tail lights

There are no dash board lights (except check engine) no tail lights, brakes and turn signals work. Fog lights don't work either. I replaced fuses interior and under hood, still nothing. Should I replace the relays too? I don't have any other ideas

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Are you sure that it is the check engine light and not the service vehicle light?

Here is a video to explain the difference.

If none of your lights work then you may have a problem with the BCM (Body Control Module) which would have to be checked out by a dealer.

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Both check engine and service lights are on. I will have dealer check BCM. From what I gather, this issue is popular one in this make and model. Also, a whole ton of different reasons for this problem. I'll just keep trying, eventually I'll get there


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