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The ZTE ZMax Pro is identified by its black color, rear fingerprint sensor and its model name, Z981, which can be found under the rear case.

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Every time my phone restarts it says optimizing as takes for ever to r

Every time my phone restarts it says optimizing apps and takes forever to restart

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If you have Zedge, this is what is causing it.

I had also done other updates and thought it was Android System WebView as it started right after that had updated. Then I read it's Zedge and I've had that program for almost 2 years. I had restarted phone and was again stuck on "Optimizing", but for me each time it has been a good 20 minutes.

I uninstalled Zedge and it started right up, no Optimizing. Thanks for everyone who figured this out!

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Factory data reset it. Back yo all your photos and contacts then go into settings. Then click backup and reset. Then click factory data reset. That will erase all content on the phone but it should fix your problem.

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Factory reset only fixes the problem temporarily


Don't have zedge and done did reset I have a zte zmax pro and just earlier said Sim error or something couldn't make or receive call


Factory reset only fixes the problem until you re-install Zedge. Also, I think anybody who has had this issue needs to immediately do a 1 star review for Zedge on the Play Store so they are aware of the issue and can either fix it or be taken down. it's unacceptable for an app to cripple your phone like this.


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I don’t have Zedge and I’m having the same issue. After a factory reset, it went from optimizing 1 of 2, to optimizing 1 of 1, but it still takes a full ten minutes to reboot. My text messages also get stuck on sending, GPS sometimes spoofs me somewhere else, and voice to text often won’t work. Now that I’m seeing these issues being voiced by others with ZTE, I think it might be time for a new brand of phone.

ZTE Z981 - Build number Z981V1.0.B21

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