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Die 6. Generation der Android-betriebenen Nexusreihe, konzipiert von Google, hergestellt von Huawei. Auf den Markt gekommen im Oktober 2015.

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Battery out of stock - more coming?

Nexus 6P battery (IF304-010-1) is showing out of stock. Is this permanent?

Do you expect to get more in stock? Do you have any suggestions for a non-Chinese battery replacement?

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You do know that the Chinese company Huawei makes the Nexus 6P, right?

There's no such thing as a non-Chinese battery.

I would check Aliexpress and Amazon.com for a decent replacement battery. The higher the rating the better the quality, but be sure to actually read the content of the reviews. There are some sellers (even on Amazon) that buy fake reviews.

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OEM batteries are long gone (confirmed over a year ago when I called Huewei tech support). Most batteries on the market are poor imitations of stock and to this date I have not seen any examples that include the temperature sensor needed to enable the rapid charging feature.

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