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The HTC Desire HD is an Android smartphone by HTC Corporation.

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How to disassembly my HTC Desire HD (A9191)?

Does any have an step by step manual of how to teardown the HTC desire HD to replace the digitizer (touch).

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Guide with large photos and indicators for tearing down to remove main boards.

Use plastic prying tools if you dont want little dent marks on the back camera flash cover.

This model phone has a lot of little screws and parts that can be pulled out. Be very pedantic about keeping everything safe once pulled apart, dont let kids near all the stuff or you might lose pieces.

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Video here:


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It's different to the HTC A9191 as I have it apart right now using this video and the chassis can't be removed from the screen to replace the digitizer because it's all one part! I used this video and it isn't working while I have the parts and the tools sent with the parts and can't separate the chassis from the digitizer, the chassis seems pressed on the back and the digitizer seems to be moulded into the plastic! Now what should I do? This suck's! I have a new screen and digitizer and can't get the old one off to put the new one in! All the video's suck!


Sean McGrath, not a real surprise :-). Did you read the comments below the video? Try a further search and check this out, might help you more http://www.htcdesirehdforum.com/htc-desi...


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