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Das iPhone 6 Plus mit dem 5,5 Zoll Display ist die größere Version des iPhone 6 und seit dem 19. September 2014 auf dem Markt.

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Very slow keyboard. New oficial battery didn’t solve


After I updated my 2,5yo iPhone 6 Plus to iOS 11 I started to feel a very un responsible keyboard, it’s not screen related, it’s os related. The problem is more noticeable when I start to type, I press the keys and no this Willis written on the screen until aferre a few strokes, then the words appear suddenly. I keep writing and then keyboard works almost fine.

First try to solve was deleting remembered words, resetting factory values and even restoring the iPhone “as a new iPhone”, nothing worked.

Later I started to see the news of Apple throttling iPhone speeds when the battery was old and I fought, there it’s! And decided to purchase a batterie from the most reliable source besides Apple, IFixIt.

Installed the battery and I see an overall better battery life, but keyboard keep slow, and I’m starting to get very mad...

Any clue? Is it possible that Apple does not sped up the phone again due not being original battery? Or maybe my problem is totally unrelated to battery scandal?

Thanks for any tips!!!

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your six plus - may have touch IC disease starting- there are numerous articles online about touch IC disease as it is called-the phone is 149$ replacement at Apple and you would have to look at Ipad rehab or microsoldering.com for prices and info on touch IC disease. Please read the articles and see if this fits your issue-

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Hello, thanks for the reply, I’ll have a look but I doubt it’s a hardware issue, as keyboard is the only unresponsive part, (multitouch is fine, and overall screen responds ok) and after a few seconds works almost well, so... to me is more of a software issue.


I would not be so quick to discount Scott's suggestion. The iPhone 6 Plus is prone to developing Touch Disease and this could be your issue. You can read up more on this here. The other thing to consider is how iOS 11 also causes Touch issues with certain aftermarket screens. If you had your screen replaced in the past, this could also be causing your issue. iOS 11.2 is supposed to have solved this but there are still spurious reports of various issues with iOS 11 and the iPhone 6 series.


thanks for the tip.

my unit has original screen, but the unit is not new, it's a replacement by apple due being bent under warranty, os I can not be sure of the screen origin.

regarding the touch ic disease, I doubt it, as first, happen exactly when updated to IOS 11, and also, if it's the desease.. why does it only affect when you are starting to type? I see no other symptoms as described on the articles


apple refurbs the six plus phones turned in so it isn't impossible for touch IC to re occur post the refurb, if it only happening when you are typing I would try a replacement screen.


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