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My tablet turned off now it will not turn back on how do I fix it

how do I fix my lg4 tablet it will not turn back on

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[] could you confirm that the battery holds enough charge? If not, try charging it for at least 15-30 mins, then attempt to turn it on.

[] does the screen light up when you charge it? if not try changing the charger and or the charging cable.

let me know if this helps

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You did not say if you changed the battery. Does the screen show that the battery is charging when you connect power? The quality of the answer you get is in direct relation to the quality of the question. Give little information, and you get little information.

In any case, the battery is my first question, but only because you never mentioned it and it is the most obvious first suspect part. if the tablet was dropped, or used by a child, which could mean it was dropped, that is another reason for it to stop working. Try charing it, and post the results here. This should include if the display shows that the battery is changing, or not. Good luck

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