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Erschienen im Frühjahr 2014. Ausgestattet mit einem 5,5" Bildschirm. Ursprüngliches Betriebssystem war CyanogenMod 12S. Modellbezeichnung "ONE A0001"

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Speaker damaged by liquid...

I have a Oneplus One device that was damaged by liquid. Actually the only trouble is that there is no sound. I sent it to Oneplus and they said it is not posible to fix it just changing the pcb speaker. They wanted to change so many pieces like mainboard and LCD, so the final quotation was too high. This is what Oneplus said:

The following part(s) need to be replaced: ONEP/OnePlus One Sandstone back cover:

ONEP/OnePlus One Main Board (64G)

ONEP/OnePlus One LCD (Black)

ONEP/OnePlus One Speaker


ONEP/OnePlus One Small PCB

That is why I refused and I tried it in a local mobile repair store. In that store the guy said that despite of the only aparently problem is the "no sound", if he changes only the pcb speaker, other pieces culd be afected so he refused to do it.

Right now I don't know how to save it. I am even looking for a very small speaker with jack connection to use it like speaker but they are too big.

I would really apreciate any suggestion.

Block Image

Block Image

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so when you send it to the manufacturer, they will only do a full repair on the device. (if there is damage to anything, regardless if the damaged parts are functioning or not. they will not do a repair to function, but a repair to "like new" this is why they need to replace all those parts.

check to see if the earspeaker works in call. if both the earspeaker, as well as the loudspeaker are not functioning, it is more likely a problem with the Audio IC, in which case, there would be a further problem than just the speakers.

you can try to replace the loudspeaker if you get the part, but there is no real guarentee it will fix the problem, without actually getting inside the device and running tests on it.

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Thanks for your answer.

I confirm you that the earspeaker works in a call. The problem is with the loudspeaker.

It is possible to redirect all the sounds , including ring callins, to the earspeaker?


unfortunately not through anything OEM. you would need to find custom software to do that.

it is likely you may be able to get the speaker running with a simple replacement speaker, however, your PLB could be damaged as well. our store would trial and error this in our diagnostic, by installing a new speaker, and seeing if that fixes the issue. if it does, great. if it does not, then you would need to look into corrosion cleanouts, and possible board work. (blown filters, and damaged coils)


Well, I will follow your sugestion. I will try first to change the speaker (I guess it should be the OnePlus One Speaker Assembly) but I seems to be a deeper problem with the PLB.

Yhank you for your help.


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