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The ZTE ZMax Pro is identified by its black color, rear fingerprint sensor and its model name, Z981, which can be found under the rear case.

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The icon for the headphone jack is on but I'm not using them?

So the headphone jack is on but the headphones are not in theres nothing in that port I've never used it before ive tried many thing nothing works it's causing me not be able to hear things on my phone .

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I'm having this problem with my ZTE blade spark. I can't hear anything unless I use headphones and I plugged in some and I can hear but when I remove them the headphone logo won't go away n prob not fixed


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Hi @teanna

Just double checking.

Have you tried inserting a pair of earphones into the earphone socket first to verify that you can still hear OK and then to check that if you remove them from the socket that the headphone socket icon disappears from the screen and the phone returns to its normal audio mode?

If this does work then you have been lucky as I think that the headphone socket is still faulty but is back in a working condition. I suggest that you don't use it again until it is fixed. If you wish to listen to music etc try Bluetooth headphones as an alternative

If it doesn't workyou still may have a faulty headphone socket. There is a contact within the socket itself that is operated when a headphones' plug is inserted to inform the audio controller in the phone to redirect the audio away from the receiver (or loudspeaker) and onto the headphone socket. This contact releases when the plug is removed. It is either stuck or bent out of shape and cannot return to its' normal position. The socket cannot be repaired and will have to be replaced.

Here is a link to the ifixit ZTE ZMax Pro (Z981) Demontage guide. At Step 8 you can access the headphone socket so that it can be replaced.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

To replace the socket you will need to have the necessary SMD (surface mounted device) soldering expertise and tools.

I couldn't find a replacement socket for your phone online but I did find this as a possible option if you decide to do the repair yourself. It would most probably be cheaper than if you went to a reputable, professional mobile phone repair service and got them to replace just the socket. (They most probably would have better access to comparable spare parts)

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I said it wrong

Sorry. On my menu page I have a FM. Raido. And there is a picture of headphones and when I check it out it says there is no music there or any instructions on how to put music there


Hi @ Sheila Green,

You need to have the headphones plugged into the phone if you wish to receive FM radio because the headphone lead acts as the antenna.

Then you need to open the FM radio app, and turn it On if it is Off, then tap the Settings option in the app (3 vertical dots) and select Scan.

This will enable the phone (via the app) to scan for all available FM stations in your location and save them to a channel list. Once the scan has completed tap OK.

To listen to a station, open the FM radio app, select Settings > All channels and tap the station that you want to listen to (remember to have the headphones inserted)

You can tap the "speaker" icon if you wish to listen via the phone's speaker but you need the headphones plugged in for the antenna.

Here's a link to the User manual, scroll to p.89 to view how to setup/listen to FM radio in the ZTE ZMax Pro (if this is your model).


When I unplug icon won't go away. Could getting damp be a problem? I only use blue tooth bubbs not plug ins


Hi @rplayer74,

More likely a sticking contact spring inside the headphone socket or a foreign object has become lodged in there.

Try gently inserting and removing a plug a few times and check if the headphone icon disappears when the plug is not in.

If it stays there then the phone will have to be opened and the socket most probably will have to be replaced.


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It not that difficult. There is a spring inside the headphone jack. This gets stuck with age and dust.

The solution.

Get an earswab remove most but not all the cotton. Moisen the swab with rubbin alcohol make sure it not dripping and clean the inside of the headphone jack. Better to to this with the phone off and battery off.

I didn't it still worked great.

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