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Die Nintendo Switch ist eine tragbare Spielekonsole, die auch mit dem Fernsehgerät verbunden werden kann. Sie wurde am 3. März 2017 veröffentlicht.

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How do I fix left joycon stick without tearing it appart.

I dropped my left joycon a few days ago. Everything works fine, but the joystick feel off somehow. I managed to just pop it back in, but now it sticks slightly when I push forward. It makes the characters walk on their own, and sometimes I have to press harder for character to run. I can't afford a new joycon and I'm terrible at tearing things down and fixing them. Any suggestions?

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unfortunately there seems to be a physical disconnect between the receptical and the stick.

this DOES require a teardown, which should be able to be done by a local repair center. anyone with basic repair backgrounds should be able to do the repair for you. you would likely be looking at approximately 50-75 CAD for the repairs on this device, while purchasing a new one is 100CAD

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