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Die Nintendo Switch ist eine tragbare Spielekonsole, die auch mit dem Fernsehgerät verbunden werden kann. Sie wurde am 3. März 2017 veröffentlicht.

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Screw list for joycon rails and top ,bottom and back housing

Hi all,

I've looked everywhere for a set of new screws for my switch as I ended up destroying a couple of screws and would like to replace them with a new set of screws.

I saw a post linking to a complete set of screws here from a guy on ebay, however the individual does not ship to the UK so i'm in a bit of a predicament I've even gone as far to ask him for the screw sizes he is using but understandably he doesn't want to hand over that information.

If possible does anyone know the screw sizes from the title and able to list them, or even better a link to purchase them in the UK

Thanks everyone in advance,


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What screws do you need? Host? Joycon? Pro controller? These are all we can provide.

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