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Android smartphone with a 5.15" 1080p display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. First released in 2016.

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no audio (at all)

i have faced with no audio (at all) with mi5s

couldnt call or answer (hanging phone)

speakers and earphone not working

flash and changing rom dont change any thing

anybody have solution or explane the problem?

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Suite of phone

Plizzz help me,😭😭


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Hi @ya3r ,

Given all that you have tried it appears to be a hardware problem. Possibly a faulty audio controller on the systemboard.

How old is the phone? Is there a chance that it is still covered by the manufacturer's warranty at all?

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hi @jayeff

In fact i coudnt diagnosis that its hardware or software or even firmware problem.

its new phone but unfortunatly i have no access to xiaomi warranty center.


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