Proximity Sensor (front) not working

hello there,

so i bought a used g5 with a display which seems to been fixed by someone it self.

but i have a problem, which wasnt descriped, the proximity sensor isnt working (the sensor which shuts off the display while u have it at your ear). this is a very annoying problem, the allwayson display doesnt work correctly either. the aux port is also broken, but thats not a big problem to fix tho.

but i dont know how to correct this, do i need a new sensor? and where can i get one then? i heard that some people forgot a little piece between the sensor and the glaspanel.

i pin a photo to this post which shows a defective display, i'm not sure if it is the sensor which is on it, otherwise i would take it because getting parts for the g5 in germany is near to inpossible. and it would be kinda annoying to wait 1-2 months for a part from china.

Block Image

also, the sensor doenst show data via the app aida64, and in this service and selftesting menu which you can reach via a ussd number, it recongnices light but if i want to calibrate it it says "0,00 cm".

i hope you can help me out.

i have a lg g5 h850 in silver.


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