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Trouble on reading files from external hard drive. What to blame?

I'm using an 500 GB Seagate Expansion Drive. Just got a spare cable for the drive two months ago, since I found something false when I tried to connect with the previous cable.

But nothing changed even when I try to connect with the newer cable. It's the USB Type 3.0.

When I try to open some video files (note: I'm using VLC.), the video crashed. "File reading error", like that. When I extract some compressed files (especially the ones containing picture files), several of the contents cannot be read.

What do you think of this case?

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Your Seagate USB drive may be needing more power than the Mac's USB port can supply.

I would say get a USB powered hub and one of these cables:


This injects extra power into the port.

Also, on a Windows PC, download and run this utility to make sure there are no physical errors with the Seagate drive. However, you do need to use that cable I suggested. Plug both ends on the PC side in first, before plugging it in the Drive.


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Sorry for the long reply.

I just found that my HDD was formatted in NTFS. That's why it doesn't want to read my files normally.

- Opened the Disk Utility.

- Went into the Erase button. I changed the HDD's partition into FAT32, with GUID partition map.

- Completed. Opened several of my files, nearly without an error.

Am I doing it the right way?


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