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Nintendo Handheld-Spielkonsole veröffentlicht im Februar 2011, identifiziert durch die Modellnummer CTR-001.

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Why my 3ds wont turn on (blue light shines)


My 3ds is stuck loading its menu and things....

When i push it on the blue light comes on, and farther nothing happens.

I noticed while charging if i put the power on charge light goes off ?

Anybody knows whats wrong ?

Something wrong with the CPU ?

Maybe bricked or something ?

Or maybe just a bad motherboard ?

also i tried the motherboard just with a battery, the blue light does not go out (will not boot up) screens wont flash also. so it doesnt come that far it does the screen boot. Anybody knows?

Is this fixable ?

Thanks 4 any help!

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1 Antwort

I am currently trying to fix a friends 3DS and haven't found any solution. You may need repairs.

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