No Audio on Note 8 after I connect to a call until I restart.

I have an unknown issue with the audio in my note 8, I have the N950F/DS model (Exynos unlocked) and I am searching for a solution to this issue where the audio will work fine ( Music, headphones, bluetooth audio etc) until I connect to a call and as soon as i connect to it I will completely lose all audio on the phone until I restart, I thought it was a software issue but I reflashed stock rom but still no luck, any ideas on the direction I may take? (No warranty as I got it from a friend abroad when he travelled)

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Look through your Bluetooth devices. Check each individual settings and see if any bluetooth device has been set to take calls.


Bluetooth is completely off, I think its some kind of hardware issue where as soon as the audio needs to be routed for calls there is a problem somewhere and even after the call has ended and i try to adjust the volume, I will see In- call audio instead of ringer volume and there would be no sound, i have 2 note 8 devices (same model and same firmware) but one has the issue and the other does not.


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