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Ghost touch top and bottom

I got a recent problem,

I opened my iP5 recently just to be sure that my Flex Cables are alright and also connected the cables correctly but still the problem remains, shall I try my old screen? Could it even be the screen itself or am I doing something wrong, shall I also check every screw on it's position? I'm frustrated and my sanity goes beyond infinity.

sincerely, Venio

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Block Image

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You may have a defective replacement screen. I would try the original one to see if it works or not. Also, double check your work by following this guide.

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It seems it is true, can't test with my old screen sadly. My Father broke it somewhat. I bought lately a microscope and looked at the pins, seems a little pin did not got right soldered, seems we both are agreeing to it that the reseller send me a faulty screen.


Yeah, that happens sometimes...


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