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LTE Version des iPad Mini 2. Angekündigt am 22. Oktober und erschienen am 13. November 2013. Das iPad mini 2 bringt die Pixelanzahl des iPad Air auf nur 7,9 Zoll unter.

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Ipad Mini 2 digitizer

replaced digitizer and after mini didn't work won't power on? checked all conections charged batt no go. this is an iPad mini A1490. any sugestions on what try next?

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Let's check if the iPad has a no backlight issue. First of all, plug the iPad into the computer and open up iTunes, if it boots up it should detect the iPad either as trust this device or locked with a passcode.

If iTunes detects the iPad then you probably have a no backlight issue, you can confirm this by shining a flashlight on the screen and see if you can see anything on the screen.

Backlight circuit goes bad when you unplug or plug in the LCD screen display cable while the battery is still plugged in.

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I tunes won't connect can't see any image with flash lite so think the iPad is not powering up. when charging cable is connected I can feel back of iPad and its slightly warm like the battery is charging so I assume by that its connected properly. also I am fairly sure all connections are secure and correct internally.

when I opened and changed the digitizer was using your guide and did disconnect battery. any other ideas?


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when you took the LCD out the iPad are you sure you didn't damage it? there is adhesive on the back of the LCD which without being heated up properly it can cause the LCD to break? if you can lift the digitiser up without breaking, you can inspect the LCD? There is a small, bottom right which sometimes comes loose, try popping that back in?

Also it could be another short circuit, maybe a component damaged on the logic board?

hope this helps.

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