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Apple Watch Series 2, angekündigt am 7. September 2016 und veröffentlicht am 16. September 2016.

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Digital Crown no longer works

My Apple Watch 2 started to act funny, it would launch siri and scroll between apps all by itself.

It was acting as if the digital crown was being pressed in and rotated.

I tried the usual cleaning methods as per the apple website but without any luck.

It does rotate freely and doesn't feel sticky at all, and although it does these things it is completely unresponsive.

I have to use the the side button to navigate my way round the watch the best I can.

Does anyone have any Ideas?

Many Thanks

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I am facing same problem i just want to know is this not because of update i having series one and watch were upgrde 5.2.1


I contacted apple about this and they said I needed to clean the Digital Crown in warm water. When in the water turn and press de crown a few times.


is here a place to buy anything that includes these in a part? my 2nd gen is doing the same thing, however mine only started after version 5 was released.


Same here, afther last update looks like the watch is living its own life. Activating siri out off the blue and unresponsive when pushing the crown..


Time to visit an Apple Store to get your watch repaired.


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The digital crown uses a set of detectors that note the rotation. It sounds like the detectors have failed. You can see them here in the Teardown: Apple Watch Series 2 Teardown in Step13.

Given how far you need to get I would just let Apple deal with it. They at least have a flat fee for the repairs.

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Thanks for the reply, I am out of warranty (by one month) and its seems like a high price, I'd rather spend a bit extra and get the series 3


Its still cheaper ;-} Apple Watch Pricing


I went to Apple for the same problem and they wanted to charge me $229 to fix it. The new models are $249.


@scooba4 - Agreed! Its on the high side given the cost of a new watch (cheapest model). Its when you get to the stainless steel or Ceramic cases it becomes less of a bite.


@danj you think there might be a "Flat Rate Repair" price direct from Apple?


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