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Huaweis Flaggschiff-Smartphone aus dem Jahre 2016. Es hat ein Unibody-Gehäuse und eine doppelte Rückkamera, die in Zusammenarbeit mit Leica entwickelt wurde. Es gibt 32/64GB Speicherplatzoptionen und sechs verschiedenen Ausführungen. Die Modellnummern sind EVA-L29, EVA-L19 und EVA-L09.

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Why is my screen turning off when brightness is set high?


So yesterday i changed my screen and battery on my huawei p9. I put in the charger, and things looked ok. Green chargelight was lit and screen was working. However when i changed the brightness to max, the screen turned off. When i tapped the unlock button i would only get a glimpse of my locking screen, before the screen returning to black again.

At first i thought maybe the new battery is sh*t, so i switched back to the old battery. Just the same thing happened again.

What can it be?

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Ok so now i had a new screen in the mail and switched with the one thought to be defective. The problem is still there. The last time the screen went from working to black it made a noise similar to a condensator charging up (or emptying not really sure). So what can it then be?


Backlight circuit on logic board going bad. I don't know anyone that fixes it for the Huawei p9.


Thanks a lot!


The same problem here with p9. It might be silly but when i put the phone in refrigerator its fine for couple of minutes then i turn down the brightness and its all good


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Probably a defective screen, nothing much else to it.

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