Wireless sport headphones released by Plantronics in August 2016.

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It won't charge,red light&bluelight doesn't come on use it when going

This is the platronics Back beat fit wireless bluetooth earpiece work out head phone . For my Samsungs5 mobile phone never been in water or dirt always put in black and bluecover that i got with it all brand knew. from Diane

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Thanks ! Nothing worked i just after get over it this product was good it cost a bit. So if you know anyone thats going to buy this product. I would say Big no. I have threw it out in the bin where this company should go. But i am thankful for you sending be some advise you are very kind.



have had the same problem


totally agree, worked one time with a charge, replaced it with a second one and same issue, had to throw it away. piece of crap, dont buy it


Had same problem just 2day. Completely stopped working/charging.


Me too only two days after not charging mxm...please don't buy it


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Hi @djwebber ,

Have you tried a different charger cable?

Try a hard reset:

Press and hold both the power button and the volume button (plus the other 2 as well perhaps) for about 10 seconds and then release. Check if the earphones will then either show that they are charging (with the cable inserted of course) or that they will turn on if the Power button is pressed.

If they still don't work or charge at all, how long have you had the earphones?

Depending on your location there is at least a minimum 1 year (possibly 3 years not sure though) manufacturer's warranty on the earphones.

Check the purchase date on the sales receipt for the earphones and if the warranty period is still valid, consult the manufacturer's warranty statement as to what you have to do to make a claim for a warranty repair or replacement

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This worked for me. Held all 3 buttons down for 10 seconds then released. Slowly plugged in microusb cable into it and Red light has come on again and is charging. Thanks mate!


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I've found out that if you insert the cable, and slowly pull it out, the charging light comes on at some point. It won't charge if it's fully inserted.

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Hi @richard3840 ,

Use a strong light and a magnifying glass to inspect the headset's USB charge port enclosure.

Ensure that all the pins are there and that they are straight and parallel with each other.

Also check that there is no lint etc. obstructing the enclosure.

If there is lint etc, use a vacuum cleaner to try and suck out the debris.

DO NOT use a metal pin or probe as you may damage the pins. If necessary use a wooden toothpick to gently try and dislodge any obstruction.

It is all looks OK try connecting the charge cable to the headphones ONLY and then whilst holding the headphones firmly in one hand, use the other hand to gently (stress very gently) try to move the charge cable plug connector from side to side and up and down whilst it is inserted, to check if you can feel any movement at all in the headset's USB port.

If you can then the port may be loose on the systemboard .


I am experiencing the exact same problem. I tried the things listed, also tried things on YouTube with no luck. I've haven't had them 6 months & I was actually enjoying them. I used them 3 days a week for an hr & a 1/2 each day. Will be disposing.


Hi @nikki4life ,

Before you dispose of them, check the manufacturer's warranty statement.

According to the warranty depending on location and product there is a 1, 2 or 3 year warranty and you've only had them 6 months.

Follow it up regarding your headphones!


In Samsung level u, near rubber strap, the plastic came out while I removing from my neck. So, I used glue to fix that. Now, for replacement I gone to service centre. They told only if without damage, we will replace u. What shall I do ? Please some one help me


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