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Repair guides and support information for Azpen tablets.

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Why is my tablet not charging right

My tablet will not charge. When you hold the charger end that goes into the tablet a red shaped battery appears and then it shows sliding green three times and then goes off. It may do this several times and then it quits. I cannot get it to charge. What should I do?

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Have you tried a different charger, it could be worn out and loose.

Try getting a new one.

Its either that or the Charging Port on the tablet is bad, in which I very much doubt...

Other than that, it could possibly be the battery.

Im sure its the loose charger...

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It is actually very common for the charging port to go bad. The ports are soldered to the logic boards and the cord tends to work them loose. The less expensive tablets seem to be especially prone to having this problem.

Insufficient strength in the solder joint is usually the culprit. You may be able to find someone to repair it, but it is normally cheaper to replace the tablet. I have actually advised several people to buy new tablets rather than have me fix them.

Good luck.

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