Why won't my old 3ds turn on?

My 3ds doesn't wanna turn on, and I'm absolutely bummed out, the blue power light goes on then fades, this happens when I have the SD card in, i have tried hacking it with boot9strap and when it did this I deleted the HACK files off of the SD card, and it still didn't work.. anyone help! I would also like to point out that(if anyone remembers in 3ds.guide) when It said before opening Ds download play I needed to open up the Rosalina menu AFTER updating my device, I skipped that part and I just went straight for it, also in the beginning of the guide, it said 'FOLLOW THE STEPS PRECISELY OR ELSE YOU WILL SUFFER FROM AND "UNRECORVERABLE" BRICK, IT IS EXTREMELY RARE BUT IT MIGHT HAPPEN, SO BE CAREFUL' and my dumbass thought it was "EXTREMELY RARE" so I just went with it i was planning to delete all the hacks using godmode9s script thing when I got a stable internet connection again, but then this happened, SOMEONE PLEASE HELP

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