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The Pebble 2 is a smartwatch released by Pebble Technology Corp. in September of 2016, and is a revamped version of the original Pebble Watch.

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Is there any replacement for the button covers?

I just had the lower right button cover crack and fall off. Does anybody know of any ways to get a replacement rubber panel?

Has anybody taken the watch apart to see if it's even possible to do this sort of replacement?

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Thanks, Those shapeways links were useful. It took a bit of hand fitting, but those button panels work and now my favorite watch is running again after being idle for far too long.


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I know the original question is an old one, but since a lot of pebble 2s eventually have this problem, here’s a link to my 3D buttons and cases on Shapeways.


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Update, if Shapeways’ postage is too high, you can buy buttons from the website now too.



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I had the same problem und found this site, with printable 3D Models:


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Requires OG Pebble parts, but this may be a good fix.

Update (07/06/2021)

I found this just now, I have two P2HRs that both need new buttons, but I think this may be an easier fix. https://tinyurl.com/k8a5h6na UPDATE (08/05/2021) I bought the version with the battery and glue. It’s a fairly easy transfer. Requires a Soldering Iron and some steady hands, but the fix was worth it! Don’t forget to transfer the microphone seal from your old case to the new one, and use A LOT of glue to get the back sealed back up!

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Bonjour, j’ai trouvé plusieurs sites qui vendent des boutons.




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I have resolved with this:

"2 Smart Watch custodia originale in ePaper con pulsanti laterali in gomma e pannello in vetro Gorilla Corning - AliExpress

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