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Whick LOCA glue is the best for glueing ipad digitezer together?

Hi I have iPad that has little shattered screen and one corner destroyed with few lose pieces. What I would like to do is glue it together and put tempered screen protector over it.

What is the best type, preferably LOCA glue to use?

- LOCA 1000/1000N, which get hard when dried

- LOCA 2500 is type of glue that when dried gets silicon like (easy to cut)

- LOCA 3000.. is type of glue that get's super hard to cut when dried

Do I glue digitizer and then glue tempered glass on, or do I glue tempered glass on the digitizer?

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This seems like a lot of work for not a lot of reward. If you have never used LOCA before, I would suggest testing on a test piece. It is very messy and needs a lot of practise to do right. In this case, I would just buy a replacement digitizer online; that way you wont have any issues with glue seeping into your ipad and curing in weird places potentially damaging the machine.

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Glue doesn't transmit electricity, so it's harmless. Also I want to use it to fill the crack that goes over the lcd.

If I bought original it would be to expensive and to buy one from China is a little bit risky, also it is 12.9 ipad, much harder to replace. Do you know perhaps if apple pencil works on the digitizer from China (alibab etc)?


Glue will still conduct some electricity unfortunately; moreover the larger concern is the glue getting in the backlight of the LCD, once that happens you will have to get a new one anyways because it will leave marks all over the diffuser for the LED panel.

Ordering from eBay is usually the best way, if you’re concerned with difficulty or it not working properly, I would suggest you find a local repair shop to have the job done for you; hopefully one with a warranty. If not, visit the Apple store and they would be happy to hand you a replacement at out of warranty cost.


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I would use some hot glue

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