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iPhone 6 died after I put it in rice or did a hard reset(?)

On Sunday I woke up and headed straight for a shower, and as usual I took my phone with me. I left it on the chair under my clothes where I always put it so it doesn't get wet. Anyways, after showering I check my phone the first time of the day and left part of the touch screen wasn't working. I restarted the phone and suddenly I couldn't type all of my pin code due to this. I panicked so I decided to hard reset it. I think I did it at least three-four times. It still wasn't working so I turned it off. Suddenly a static noise was coming from it. I got scared thinking I might have dropped it in water, so I went to the store room and left my phone in a bag of rice for what I remember probably 2 hours.

When I went to get it back it was very cold as the store room is usually cold in the winters. And it wouldn't turn on and the noise it was making was gone as well. Now it's been three days and it still won't work. It's complete black screen. I've tried hard reset, volume/home and DFU mode. Neither work. Phone doesn't respond to anything. It was working perfectly prior to Sunday so I'm hella confused.

Anyways I have pictures of my firstborn, being in labor, getting my make up done for my engagement party etc. in albums and I hadn't backed anything up since April. If the phone is dead is the data inside it secure? What could it be? Apple said the warranty is broken cause the phone is slightly bent on the top, and they'll give a new phone if I pay. I don't want a new phone. Not as long as I have all of my stuff saved on this dead one.

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I dropped the screen on the floor a day prior and it worked perfectly fine. I was carrying my niece down the stairs and I had put it in my waistband rather than the pocket and it fell out through my leg. I'm fairly certain I didn't get any water in it looking back. I think that's how I reacted while panicking.

I don't know if it's the battery or not. I wonder if the static sound that came from the phone while I was putting it in rice has anything to do with it is to blame.

However when I charge it nothing happens. Still stays black. No sound. Not while moving the toggle switch either. Screen is completely black at all times.


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@letoyastone The good news is that in my experience, this is almost certainly solvable and your pictures will be recoverable. And I have to thank @Scot0762 Scott Buell for recommending us. I just happened to see this post tonight and it is nice to see a shout out :)

My best guess is that this is what has happened to your phone.

When you dropped it down your leg and cracked the screen, you likely opened up a little pathway for a small drop of water to enter the phone---either through a crack at earspeaker, or if there really is a small bend/separation at the side.

iPhone 6 have a very very susceptible capacitor on the main power rail that is located *right* in the spot where a drop of water falls when it makes it into the phone. Even just sweat through the ear speaker in runners is enough to kill the phone *if* the water goes right to the susceptible spot.

If water hits the susceptible capacitor, then it instantly becomes a wire to ground---allowing all of the battery voltage to drain to ground. (This is why rice is never a good idea, but getting the battery disconnected is!)

The fact that you have been to a few shops and they have ruled out parts and didn't see any overall water damage makes it more likely that your problem is the common power rail short (you would have to look in a very specific spot on the BOTTOM side of the logic board to see the corroded cap, so many shops would miss this and declare the phone not water damaged)

There are some other possibilities that are also common for iPhone 6---shorted capacitor after the drop from the day before for example. 99% of the problems that would cause your phone to present as a logic board no power phone for iPhone 6 in the way that you've described are solvable for data. However, in the hands of inexperienced folks, it is easy to make a recoverable phone unrecoverable. We see that sad story every day.

Get it to a quality microsolderer who has experience with data recovery and you will see those precious pictures again!


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Of course apple says its a voided warranty.

First off, I recommend you check the troubleshooting guide. Unless you know you dropped it in water, its fine. steam shouldn't break it. iPhone 6s Plus Troubleshooting

Update (02/07/2018)

If you think its the battery, apple will fix it for $27 because the got sued over it. https://www.apple.com/iphone-battery-and...

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@letoyastone I agree with @captainsnowball on this one. You do want to start with the battery. If it would be your screen your phone would still respond by vibration. this sound smore like a power issue and is not uncommon. You do want to make sure that you always use Apple cables and power adapter to charge/sync your phone.


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I would take the phone to a reputable repair shop and replace the screen, if you do not believe it was in water. If there is any possibility the device got wet and you need the data I would try Ipad rehab, mendonipadrehab.com. They are experts at data recovery for the issue you are explaining.

Update (02/08/2018)

If there isn’t any noise, attempt to hook the device to iTunes and see if it is recognized. I was suggesting a repair shop or phone tech service to open and ensure there isn’t any water damage. Powering on or attempting to power on a water damaged phone will cause further damage.

The lcd may be damaged, board damage from a drop -your concern is irreplaceable photos, hence my recommendation above.

Update (02/10/2018)

Mendonipadrehab.com is a source for water damage (if so) recovery or board repair.

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The screen? If the screen had been the sole problem wouldn't the phone at least turn on or make noise while charging?


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yes it can (as long as the memory modules are no the root cause), but you need to find a good repair shop that deals with micro soldering logic boards.

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If a power issue (Tristar) the microsoldering.com is another good source


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