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For 1992 the Grand Am received new body work and a revised interior. A V6 option returned in the form of the 160 hp 3.3 L 3300 V6. The 2.3 inline four came as either a SOHC or DOHC.

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Why did my fan quit working?

My fan will not work as of yesterday.. It is cold here could it freeze? Is there a simple fix?

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Hi Linda,

Have you gone through and checked any fuses or relays that control the operation of the fan? (I'm assuming we're talking about the radiator fan, and not the climate control fan, though they both can be affected by a blown fuse or relay) Is your car overheating as a result of the fan not running? If it's cold outside, you driving the car along may be more than adequate to keep the radiator cool, and thus the coolant cool, which would prevent the need for the fan to kick on.

- Jasen

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