Why is my s6 not turning on after replacing the battery?

I replaced a battery on an s6 but now it wont turn on. And it also has a blinking light that turns from blue to white.

I already tried to reset it using the power and volume button, but the same issue happens.

My computer was detecting it at first, but now its not.

Ideally I would like to fix it, but if there is some alternative way of extracting the data, that wold work too. I just need the videos and photos.

EDIT: My computer now detects it, but it come on and off again as if someone is connecting and disconnecting a usb device. But I still cant access the files.

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Just for clarification. The device will not turn on at all after battery replacement. You also tried to do a force restart by holding the power and vol up, and it still will not turn on. If this is the case you may have a defective battery or you may not have taken ESD (electrostatic discharge) safety precaution. They only way to tell is to obtain a new battery and test the unit once more.


I just did my S6 Edge Plus and it won't power up either. I tried the force restart, nothing. I plugged it into my charger which I know is working because it charges my second phone and I don't get any indicator light at the top. I took care for ESD. I made sure battery power connector was snapped in properly to board. Should the battery come from IFixIt with enough charge to do a test start after install or does it need to be charged to some point before the phone will work at all? Hate that I spent $50 for nothing.


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