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Aufpolierte Version des iPhone 3GS mit schnelleren Verarbeitungsgeschwindigkeit. Die Reparatur geht ähnlich wie beim 3G vonstatten und braucht nur einfache Schraubendreher und Hebelwerkzeuge. Modell A1303 mit 16 oder 32 GB Kapazität mit schwarzer oder weißer Kunststoffrückseite.

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Why does MAPS app just show grid lines and not streets and labels?

I have several older 3G and 3GS iPhones that I purchased/picked up for repair and resale however everything works fine on them except the MAPS app. When I launch the MAPS app it just shows a blank page with grid lines and the blue dot for location. But In the satellite mode it shows the correct overview of houses at my location. Does anyone know if this is a software or hardware issue?

Note- I have several other 3G/3GS that DO show the correct MAPS view with streets, names, and labels but most of the units do not.. On the units that don't show the correct view I have restored them to factory settings several time, connected to WIFI, and have the date and time set to automatic. My understand is the data for the streets and labels comes from the internet but nothing is coming over even when connected to iTunes and/or WIFI.

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With older iPhone's especially the 3g, and 3gs models. They tend to have very poor cellular and WiFi connections even if you were say right next to the router. The grey lines you see, is the maps app struggling to load up the map preview. Also remember that if you were to do a satellite image, then it would take even longer to load. Give it some time to figure everything out and it should work just fine!

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The phones are right next to the router and have waited over 24 hours and the image still does not load. And I should have noted that the satellite image loads immediately so it is not a problem, just the Standard view is the problem.


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