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The Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 is a 5" Samsung Android media player released in 2011.

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Why is my friend's tablet malfunctioning like this?

This Device was the closest to a Samsung galaxy tab 4 model SM-T230NU as I could get, I'm sorry.

So, me and my friend found out that my friends tablet is actually dying really badly. Her whole device can only seem to remember a few images and videos, aswell as Google Hangouts. She said she might have gotten several viruses from a Google player that helps you veiw storage, beacuse after it was open this happened. Some data remains but it's only like, 5 images and videos. All she can do is hope, and she is afraid that turning the device off could destroy it completely. A different friend is getting her mother who is a certified Samsung expert on the job but we can't get a very fast awnser. Please help us...!

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See if you can get into "Safe Mode".


If problems still occur in Safe Mode, then you have hardware failure.

If the problems go away, go to Settings --> Applications, and Uninstall the programs you think you may have gotten a virus from.

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