Kam im Juni 2012 auf den Markt; Core i7 Prozessor mit Turbo Boost, bis zu 1GB DDR 5 Video RAM

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Smoke and burning smell coming from MacBook Pro. Will not turn on!

After charging, laptop shut down and would not turn back on. I could smell some burning circuits.

I broke the computer down and pulled the logic board. On the underside of the logic board I found a burnt piece labeled “R36 249 RR2” there are several of these chips. It even put a scorch mark on the underside material that sits under the logic board.

Is this a replaceable part or will the whole logic board fried? Also don’t know what the material under the logic board is covering up but I am worried about the scorch through the material.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Was uploading pictures to the computer from a SD card. After finishing and putting on the charger it was left for about an hour or so. Went back to finish what I was doing and there was nothing happening. Also when putting the charger on the led on mag pat lights up. Also when I press the button on the side of the computer next to the 6-7 led’s (that I assume are battery level indicators) they still show full green even though the computer will not turn on!

Here are some pictures!

Block Image

Block Image


Better picture after gently cleaning with IA as recommended:

Block Image

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The board has trace damage, so it will need extensive rework in this situation :(. I hate to say it, but the motherboard is probably beyond repair judging from the closeup picture of the inductor that got damaged. It probably failed like this due to a ground short.

At this point, your only options are to replace the motherboard or whole system, which will depend on what you want to do and the costs of both options. If you replace the whole system and decide to get a similar machine, you can use the old one for parts.

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Thank you so much.

To what you suggested I’m not sure how to go about replacing the whole machine and using old parts from current to build the new one. I know a new logic board is close to $500 and not sure how much it would cost to replace the whole system without buying a totally new computer.

I’m a noob when it comes to the internal workings of a computer. I can use them but building them is way new to me. I’m good at taking stuff a part and putting them back together though. Lol

And advice on the most econmical option is would be great. Thanks!

I think I could just replace the logic board but how do I find the specific logic board I need. I know they have them on eBay but have had trouble finding an exact match for the serial/model number on the back of the laptop


If it's 40-50% of the cost of a new laptop, replace the whole thing. I usually set the cutoff to 40%, but 50% is workable as well.

Apple has multiple part numbers, so you need to see which CPU yours has to find it. At least on iFixit the low end i7 board is $500, while the higher end boards are $600. I'll need to know which CPU yours has to give you a better idea.


Is there a way on the inside of the computer to figure out the CPU? I’m not sure about this either. I know I know it’s funny lol. I also don’t have the box the laptop came in in my current possession.


After a quick look up I think it is an i7 2.3 GHz mid-2012 serial number A1286


Your system uses the 661-6491 variant of the board.


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The big part with the references printed on is an inductor, and can be replaced by a lab doing component level repairs. Problem is that it is very likely that won't be the only component in need to be replaced and it will need some investigation on the board to find open or shorted lines and other components involved. From the position of the inductor I'd think it might very well be along the vcore power line serving the CPU and there's also a chance the processor could be involved.

I'm afraid it probably won't be a cheap and straight forward repair in any case but one cannot tell without testing. What you see burnt under the logic board is just one of the keyboard backlight layers, easily replaceable.

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I would use some isopropyl alcohol to clean the area and then post a another image so we can see how bad the logic board is damaged.


Okay I can do that shortly.

Is it possible that this didn’t hurt the hard drive? And if so how do I go about getting everything off the hard drive. Say if I choose to get a new computer that isn’t a Mac. I also have an external that I use.

Just trying to gather my options here. It’s my wife’s computer and she has 1000’s of pictures of our young kids on it and she’s freaking lol.


You'll need a second Mac to recover whats on the HD (pictures & other created work). You'll need to get a SATA to USB adapter or an external HD case to hold your drive.

Using something else gets a bit complicated as you'll need to transfer your stuff to it or to a storage service like iCloud. As an example if you got an iPad it would make sense to load it up on an iCloud account.

If you got another laptop this time an MS Windows system the apps which created the data may not be available under MS Windows or you might loose some of the data fidelity as the alternate app may not treat the data in exactly the same way.


If I have a like MacBook can I just pull hard drive from it and put in my HD from the fried one?


It depends on if you used FDE or not. If you didn't encrypt the drive you can plug it into another Mac and copy the data off but if you did, then you need to boot into the old drive. If there's any questions, check if the data is scrambled on another Mac; if it is, you need to copy it off from the old drive.

The hard drive is probably okay, but if you have never replaced it then the drive is 7 years old and shouldn't be reused in a critical environment. More often then not, these use a black label drive but 2012 machines usually use the white label drive with an Apple firmware flag.


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