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I am unable to hear alexa's responce to my questions

I just set up my dot about a week ago. It was working fine as far as we were able to hear Alexa's response. However I just noticed that we are not able to hear it but the light does turn on and if I open my app on my phone I see my question and response. I have re-connected my wifi as well and still no luck.

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Smart speakers are not perfect devices, users face or run certain problems with them from time to time. If you are getting trouble Alexa not hearing your voice-commands or not response to your question then try this one:

- Light ring sholud not be red because the mute switch at the top of the smart speaker has been activated, that's it is not hearing your commands.

- Second reason is due to interference. If echo dot not listen your commands, then place it right location and away from walls and others objects.

- After this problem occuring, possibility that microphone array of echo is malfunctioning.

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First, you want to make sure the volume on the Echo Dot is turned up. If it’s not, use the + and - buttons to control the volume. If it still does not work, make sure no 3.5mm AUX cable is plugged into the Dot (if it is, it will be on the back. Unplug, or make sure the speaker it’s connected to is on and the volume is up). If things still aren’t working, make sure your Echo Dot is not connected to a Bluetooth speaker. You can do this in the Alexa app, or by saying “disconnect my speaker” to your Echo Dot.

Hope this helped!

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