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iPhone 7 Loud static and clicking noise on the recording

Everything went well and smooth on installing screen, but when I started testing my iPhone it seems it has some sort of interference when using the front and rear recording camera. All my recordings come out with a pretty Loud static and clicking noise on the recording . Is it possible that the screen is interfering with my Front and rear camera mic? Can someone help me out please?

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Actually, iPhone 7 has four mics: one at the earpiece, and two at the bottom of the phone on either side of the lightning port, and one in the back between the True Tone flash and iSight camera. From what I've read, all are used for noise cancellation but the phones use the closest mic to any sound for clarity. For recordings in stereo (for those with iOS 10 or later), two mics are used for recording sound. Have you tried recording a voice memo to see if it happens there as well?

I suggest to also check the areas on the logic board where you connect the cables. Even the most experienced repair person can pop off/damage one of those nano-resistors or jumpers when unseating cables. I've done it a few times myself and it has taken my very strong and trusty magnifying glass to notice that. Very frustrating.

Good luck.

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Hi there . I’m not really sure it’s the logic board connector because this only happens when I’m using the front camera. When I use FaceTime and try to do simple voice recording the strange noise doesn’t appear, beyond that the noise gets worse when I put my phone next to lightbulbs or switches. I bought my screen hearing in iFixit but Europe because I’m from Portugal, I sent them an email explaining what happened and they don’t seem to care they haven’t even returned my email.

Thanks for your help


hey man. i have the same issue. if you have found anything shoot me an email at da_pap@hotmail.com. I have ordered a new screen with an earpiece. The front mic is together with the earpiece so i 'll change it and see if that fixes the problem.


I’m having the same issue! Apple seems to think my mic is dirty... my phone has always done this and I want it fixed!!


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This could be because of the wifi signals interfering with the microphone.

You can try to turn off the wifi while you are recording something.

I hope that helps.

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