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Das Motorola Moto Z Play (Modellnummern XT1635-02, XT1635-01 und XT1635-02) ist ein droid Smartphone, das im September 2016 auf den Markt kam. Das Moto Z Play ist leicht an dem Wort "moto" an der Oberkante und dem eckigen Home Button, der sich unten auf der Vorderseite befindet, zu erkennen.

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No touch response after screen replacement

I replaced a screen with a cracked LCD. After replacement touch is unresponsive. During startup, I am prompted to enter my password and after a few seconds I can do so. Once started up, the screen comes on, but I can not unlock the screen. It appears to respond to touch, because the notifications change color when selected, but it does not unlock or prompt me to put in my code to unlock. Help!

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Only works now if I'm touching the screen with two fingers


hey did you get a solution to this? I am facing the same issue


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Hey Casey!

Incompatible screen. Moto Z Play is a difficult one to find good parts for. Have to make sure the flex configuration is exactly the same as on the original or else it either doesn't work or only works with two fingers like you mentioned.

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Great! I am having the exact same issue... Anything that can be done to fix the two finger operation?

When I ordered the LCD screen on eBay, the description said the part was for Moto Z Play XT1635. There was no -01, -02, -03 suffix. So I believed it would work with all of them. I have XT1632-02.


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