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Repair guides and support for desktop PCs manufactured by Lenovo.

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Why my lenovo 6072-w7h didn't show boot screen and beeps 4 times

When I push the power button it doesn't show boot screen, Fan start for a while then stops and PC beeps 4 times and i have checked by removing ram and checked its wiring all is connected. Any Help?

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Hi All Trend,

Are the 4 beeps actually 1 long beep followed by 3 short beeps?

The service manual has the following reason if this is the case.

1 long and 3 short beeps

Keyboard error

Perform the following actions in order.

1. Make sure the keyboard is properly connected to the keyboard connector.

2. Replace the keyboard.

3. Replace the system board.

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No all are the same 4 long beeps.



Try starting PC as a barebones unit.

Disconnect HDD, DVD drive, Floppy drive (if you have it), mouse, any USB connections etc.

Leave a PC with only RAM, keyboard and monitor connected and start it and see what happens.

If you have more than 1 stick of RAM, leave only 1 inserted and try again. If still no good , replace RAM with the other RAM module and try. (remember to power off before removing/replacing RAM.

If it still doesn't work you have a motherboard problem or a PSU problem. Use a DMM to check the voltage supplies on the disconnected HDD power plug to see if 12V DC and 5V DC are present.


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All Trend this could be an issue with your computer not finding the OS. Download the service manual from here Follow the diagnostics chapter on how to create a diagnostic disk and see if you can access your computer. Let us know what you find.

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But Lcd monitor says "No Signal" when I turn it on. Please help. I think that I turned the PC on after approximately two months that's why the problem occurs. WHAT DO YOU THINK?


All Trend the problem here is that you are having 4 regular Beeps witch is unusual for a Lenovo but apparently depends on the BIOS of your motherboard. None of the ones that I show for 4 Beeps would create symptoms like yours. Common ones are a bad HDD or bad RAM


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