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Apple's operating system for its Mac desktop and portable computers.

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Is APFS bug on macOS High Sierra a big concern for data loss?

Recently, BomBich discovered APFS bug on High Sierra when writing to Disk images. If APFS bug cause data loss to all disk images? Is this the big concern for data loss?

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the vast majority of users won't be affected by it – the flaw is most applicable when making backups to network volumes. Bombich says Carbon Copy Cloner will not support AFPS-formatted sparse disk images until Apple resolves the issue.

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To add to this right now Apples OS installer upgrades SSD to APFS automatically (boot drive) it doesn't alter HDD's. Thus only the retina models would be the ones with the concern.


@danj, unless you are like me who try to learn new technologies and clean install High Sierra to a standard hard drive with APFS (Default Disk Utility option for clean install). :-)


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