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Microphone only works when set to speaker.


I just replaced the dock assembly in this phone due to bad USB connector.

Now all of a sudden microphone does not work during calls.

It only works when the phone is set on loudspeaker.

This seems like a software issue?

Any one seen this before??


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I found out the board i ordered must have had some default.

On close inspection, the two boards are the same.

But watch out for different boards, since Huawei made new 2017 models of the phone with some changes to the circuits.

@saenglish hope you got yours to work well!


Now all of a sudden microphone does not work during calls

But working in recoding

Only call does not work during call


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Hi @ajes ,

Was the microphone working after you finished repairing the USB connector?

It seems very coincidental that it has failed after you opened the phone to repair the USB connector

Try starting the phone in safe mode and check if the microphone works.

If the microphone works now, then there is a software problem being caused by a downloaded app. The trick is to find out which one it is.

If the microphone still doesn't work, there is a hardware problem.

You'll have to open up the phone again and check that the microphone is connected OK or has not been damaged

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Hi Jayeff.

I have done more troubleshooting, here goes.

1: The reason it only works on speakermode = it activates another microphone...

2: Huawei released a 2017 model of their 9 lite version. The USB / Dock PCB's are totally different. I think this is where my problem is.

Thanks a lot for your reply! :)

Best Anders


So how did u solve the problem cuz I have a similar problem now. @anders_norge


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Have had exactly the same problem. Bought a replacement usb board of aliexpress - Gldron Store. On installing the board, microphone doesn't work, on reinstalling the old board the microphone again works. Have now just soldered a new usb socket into old board to fix original problem. The board was correct in shape and connections. As a side note I will not buy off this seller, no help, didn't want to recognise the usb board was the problem.

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