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The Golf Mk4 was first introduced in August 1997, followed by a notchback version (VW Bora or, in North America, again VW Jetta) in August 1998 and a new Golf Variant (estate) in March 1999.

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Automatic transmission problem - delayed shifting

The problem is that when I start driving I spidometer stays at 0, and then at some point it "jumps" and shows real speed, in that moment the transmission shifts to next shift.

Also I hear a lot of banging when shifting, so do you have any idea what is happening? One more thing, when I connect car to diagnostics I get g68 error.

Sorry for my bad English

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There is a TSB 01-07-09 for your vehicle covering the G68 speed sensor. A faulty connector wiring is apparently the problem.

Go here and you can read about it yourself it also instructs you how to fix it. But at least it will give you some good information.

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Thanks a lot for response. I've tried to find where the sensor is, but unfortunately I couldn't find it, I've tried on the internet and also with autodata 3.38, but nothing. Can you help me somehow?


Try this thrhttp://forums.ross-tech.com/showthread.p..., and read through it. Also has a diagram and written location and instructions.


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