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A festive yuletide staple.

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Pre lit Tree won’t light

I bought a prestrung Tree several years ago. After the second year most of it won’t light. It will light in very small sections. I’ve tried replacing fuses in plugs which didn’t work. The company never answers their phone. I’ve pretty much had it. We store the tree in a Tree bag in our outdoor storage closet. Any help will be appreciated.

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I have the same problem. We have the red light checker gun, we pull the bulbs out, and the fuses, bulbs, & grey fuse bulbs work fine. My S.W.A.G. is it's a wire issue.

I checked that famous consumer magazine, and they don't cover the wiring durability. Even if we get another or get repaired, there's no reason the next tree won't fritz in 2 or 3 years. I've seen a few rants about inventors of the pre-lit trees should be boiled in oil.

Ours is a Martha Stewart from Home Depot that we've only had for 3 years.


We are having the SAME problem as pfflyers with our Martha Stewart from Home Depot...So frustrating. Bought a "lightchecker" that was a waste of money. Yep, 3 years and some sections of the lights don't work.


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I have the same problem: the bulbs/fuses/etc. all work, but various branches will not light. I think it's wiring.

Since I like the tree, and it is hinged, I am considering removing the attached lights, attaching new LED lights (separate strand for each section) which will plug together when all sections are attached.

I would never consider doing what I heard someone else did: which is to go out and buy a new identical tree, keep the receipt, and return the old defective tree in it's place. You'd definitely get lumps of coal in your stocking.

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Called the company & they sent us fuses. No joy.

I found this website which gives info about replacing whole section of lights. May switch it next year to colorful instead of white.


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