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Home button working but touch ID not.


I got my screen replaced on my iPhone 7 Plus, the touch ID is not working but the actual function on the "home button" works fine.

Any ideas??


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Usually the cause of this is the screen having a defective cable to connect to the home button.

So usually the screen has to be replaced, if that does not help the home button is damaged which will mean you will have to take it to apple for out of warranty replacement if you want it to work properly.

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You don't replace the home button cable, but you can try another screen, and if you are talking about the cable coming from the screen no.


hi all , i`ve got a iphone 7 which has had a screen replacement the home button works but i`ve got no touch id ? unfortunately the original screen was so badly damaged i cant refit to test the touch id works , any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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Check out this Thread. Touch ID Not Working After Screen Replacement

Unfortunately, Apple has a monopoly on this technology and usually has to do with the Home Button. I have done 3 repairs on 7’s and 2 failed to recognize the home button.

I have not seen it fixed with an iOS update or complete restart.

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