broken CPU socket pin fix

'''Hi there :)

I've got 2009 dual CPU tray with JUST ONE pin broken (not bent - broken) :(

If there would be more of them I would not even ask nor attempt to fix - but juuuust one pin broken

I know soldering is NOT an option - I thinking just to put it in where pressure will do contact broken pin with spare one.

I've seen on YT someone is successfully removing pin from broken motherboard and put into motherboards to be fixed - but it was board/socket with less pins=bigger pins=easier to replace.

Definitely my broken pin is not visible = broken somewhere deeper

I wonder what chances are to remove pin from same 1366 motherboard (if it is easy - just pull out or while removing it - it will break easily (I've got over 1300 tries as so many pins will be in broken motherboard - so no problem with that)

Other question is - what other motherboard can have same pins as 1366 - as the cheapest 1366 motherboard is about £40 which is bit too much just to try (if that would be £5 _ I would try right away)


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Hi Bart, how about just getting this?

possible to share some pictures to us?


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