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Die Nintendo Switch ist eine tragbare Spielekonsole, die auch mit dem Fernsehgerät verbunden werden kann. Sie wurde am 3. März 2017 veröffentlicht.

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Does the Nintendo Switch work without its internal battery?

Hello fellow tech heads

I have had my first switch thru the shop today. The fault on it is that the lad was playing on it, and the charge lead that was in it bent in its port, an error came up ( No idea so dont ask) and then dead. There was also an small electrical burning smell afterwards.

Anyway ive blown it apart and come to the assumption that its possibly the battery. Its only reading 2.7v across +/- and it should be nearer 3.7v.

Ive so far checked the port ( Seems intact), battery levels, and voltage coming thru the port onto the switch itself.

1 question is, does the Switch have electrical protection from breaking cables/charge ports?. If it does then im hoping that the smell was something from the battery and not any of the circuit boards.

2nd question is the main one, has anyone ever tried to power up a switch without its internal battery?

I only have access to this switch and a replacement battery is days away. Could really do with knowing if the switch does work without its battery cos if it does, its knackered.

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if your switch is readying at 2.7V, it is quite possible to boost the battery. put 5.5V across the +/-, for approximately 5 minutes, then start trying to charge it. Be Warned Putting this voltage across a bad battery can cause damage to ones self, or device. do not do this if you are uncomfortable with the possibility.

The burning smell doesnt usually come from the battery unless it blows, which is a lot less common than people want to think it is. burning smells are much more commonly a component on the board. if you dont want to go through trial and error for the diagnostic, you could swing by a local repair shop, and have them diagnose it. (usually costs less than buying all the tools required for a proper diagnosis anyways)

so every electronic device has some security to protect against damage to components, be it thermal timeouts, fuses and the like. however, a power surge on the wrong component at the wrong time is really easy to happen.

No, i have not tried booting my switch without the battery, and at this point, i would suggest you try dropping it into your console without it, and testing if it does. then let the world know your findings.

Remember! if you write down the outcome, its SCIENCE!

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Thanks for your suggestions Scott. I agree that the smell is more likely something on the board rather than battery. i think im just being hopeful it was the battery failing over the board.

i will try and bring the battery up but i gotta set it up first.

i have already tried the console without its battery, was just curious if it powers up without it, on a working console. past its warranty of course.


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