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Model A1320 / 8 GB oder 16 GB Speicherplatz

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Did I just ruin this iPod?

I was trying to remove the battery from the logicboard, and two little brown pads came off of the board , did I just ruin this ipod?? It's my sons and he's going to be heartbroken. I can't afford to get another one please help me fix this someone.

Update (03/12/2018)

Block Image

Block Image

Attached are pictures of the solder connections on both the battery ribbon and board

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2 Antworten

if the two little brown pads that came off are fabric-like then you should be fine, if it is anything else i'm not sure

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The pads were the point on the board that the battery ribbon was soldered to


Can you add a picture? if its the pads that came off, you may (with a little bit of soldering experience), be able to run a jumper to the pulled pad from the trace its connected to.


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if theres any solder left on the board you can use carefully rebuild the connection...if not youll need to find an alternate solution to charge...you can get a new logic board and battery for under $20 online .

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