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Guides for coffee makers from the manufacturer Breville.

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Why is my coffee machine tripping my switch

Hi, I have a Breville BES870 espresso machine purchased in Australia. I have been back in the UK 18 months and it has been working perfectly up until a couple of weeks ago.

I started to get no steam, then no water coming through and finally the machine was tripping the fuse box.

Can you advise where I could get this repaired?

Many thanks

David Warren


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David, I have the same issue with the same machine. Had it serviced but did not fix the problem. I don’t fully understand Shihams answer to you. Can you let me know, please, what solution you found and exactly what was the problem?

Many thanks



Hi did you find a solution to this problem? My machine has just started to do this after we moved out of our apartment for renovations


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@Pamela Lincoln ,

Hopefully you didn't pay for the service as the problem was not fixed.

Usually when a circuit breaker trips it is due to higher than rated current flow through the breaker.

An example of this being caused by a coffee maker could be due to the heater element insulation breaking down and touching the metal frame of the coffee maker. Effectively a short circuit which will cause excessive current to flow and trip the breaker.

There are numerous places in a coffee machine where due to component failure or insulation breakdown this can occur. Especially as water is present, water being not good around electricity as it conducts, perhaps where you don’t want it to

If it was serviced correctly and the problem was told to the repair person they should have tested for this or tried to make it happen if it didn’t when they serviced it.

Admittedly if it is intermittent then this makes it harder to find but that's what repair work is all about.

Finding the cause of the problem and fixing it I mean. Sometimes it is not straightforward or easy and can take a bit of time ;-)

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Thanks Jayeff...sadly, I did pay (not insubstantial either). I rang them after I got the machine back and plugged it in (to find problem remained) and they said to bring it back and theyd have another look at it. Problem is Im 450km away, so couldn't be bothered, especially if they weren't prepared to give me my money back. I had explained the problem from the start, both face-to-face when I dropped it off to the repairer, and in an email for the initial enquiry to see if they could deal with the problem. Anyway, your answer is helpful and makes sense. I actually pulled it apart myself (using a youtube video to guide) and couldn't see any real problem....but I don't really know what I'm looking for :(

The rest of the machine works, ie., the grinder and the group head....just not the steam wand (that's what trips everything out).

Kind regards


@Pamela Lincoln ,

Just another thought, do other appliances trip the breaker when plugged into the same outlet? Especially ones that have the same or nearly the same power consumption? Look at the information label on the appliance to find the wattage e.g. 1800W or 2100W etc.

If so I'm wondering if the breaker might be the problem

Don't know the coffee maker but would assume that the steam wand would have a heater element involved somewhere to get the water temp up past boiling point to create the steam.

Look for 'splash" burn marks on the metal parts or discoloured wiring etc which indicates things got hot and faded the wiring insulation etc.

Other than that if you have a DMM (digital multimeter) and know how to use it, disconnect the power from the coffee maker and use the DMM's Ohmmeter function to test the resistance between the wiring connection points and the metal etc. There should be in excess of 1 Meg Ohm between any wire and the metal frame of the machine.

Except of course the Green/Yellow Earth wire if the coffee maker has a 3 pin plug ;-)


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it is tripping the fuse box for two reason short circuit or either power load is high might be connecting to a low AMP .

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That means your heating element is gone of your machine so you need to replace your heating element of coffee machine if the heater is gone than the fuse boxes trip to avoid fire accident

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