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Released November 2013. 32 GB of Flash Memory. 8GB of RAM. Quad-Core Processor. Identified by model number EGQ307. 7.58 x 4.60 x 0.45 inches. 1080 x 600. 4.5 hours battery life.

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Internal memory is full

It keeps saying my internal memory is full. How do I move to SD card?

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Does it look like there are ways to open the bottom of the device if so try to remove the back plate and the SD card slot may be there. Or look for a something that looks like a sim tray and that may house the storage drive. I my self have never heard about this device so my answer may be wrong. Hope this helps!

-The Activoid team


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By default, Android downloads and stores in the internal memory

If the internal memory is full you need to clear some space in it.

Try the following:

1. If you haven't already got one installed, install a micro SD card (maximum capacity 32GB) in the tablet. The SD card slot is below the HDMI connector on the side of the tablet.

2. Once you have the card installed, transfer all or any picture, video, music and personal data files (e.g. documents etc) from the internal memory to the SD card using the tablet's File Manager app. Alternatively connect the tablet to a computer and move the files from the internal memory to the SD card using the relevant computer program, e.g. Windows Explorer. They will both appear as 'removable drives' in the computer. Do not move any other files, to clear more space as they may be system files and your tablet may not work if you do.

3. You can also try to move your Downloaded apps to the SD card. Sometimes this is not possible, it depends on whether the app's developer has enabled it to be moved or not.

Go to Home > Settings > Apps > swipe left to Downloaded > scroll down to each app in the list and tap to enter the app. Check if there is a Move to SD card option. If so tap it and follow the prompts. If there is no option to do this or it has been greyed out then you cannot move it for that app. Be aware if you do move an app to the SD card, the card has to remain inserted for the app to work

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my problem is i have ematic and it corrupts good brand new sd card and refuses to use them as internal storage


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