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Das iPhone 6 mit dem 4,7 Zoll Display ist die kleinere Version des iPhone 6 Plus und kam am 19. September 2014 auf dem Markt. Es hat die Modelnnummern A1549, A1586 und A1589.

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Water Damaged, Not Powering on.

Hi, So here is the deal, the iPhone 6 (You probably don't need this but here: 64gb, Gold.) I am repairing had fell in a lake about 1 1/2-2 years ago, I putting it in iysiprophyll alcohol, but I didn't have any liquid so I used alcohol wipes (Yeah, might be that). I am also planning on replacing the battery. If you have any suggestions, thank you in advance! (Though I'll probably thank you again!)

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With water damage, you have to decontaminate the logic board before doing anything else, otherwise there will be latent issues down the road.

Not every water-damaged phone is recoverable and depending on the kind of liquid (salty, dirty, filthy), sometimes the success rate is quite low. That said, IMHO, it's always worth a try otherwise we are just piling up the e-waste.

The water is inside the phone, on the logic board and under the shields, even under the IC's. The real problem is the mineral deposits that can cause short circuits or the corrosion that is taking place as the water evaporates. Leaving the power on the device accelerates the process. The longer you let a phone sit, the more time you are giving corrosion to damage your logic board. The saltier or harder the water is, the more damage will occur. The water needs to be displaced, not evaporated. Here’s a great video that summarizes these issues.

  • Open your phone and remove the logic board (follow this guide)
  • Inspect the logic board, especially around the connectors and look for corrosion.
  • Inspect both sides of the board. Unfortunately, most of the board is covered in shields. That's usually where the damage is occurring.
  • Put your board in a container with >90% isopropyl alcohol and let it sit for a while.
  • Use a soft brush, like a toothbrush and lightly brush away any corrosion you see.
  • Rinse in alcohol and repeat.
  • Let it air dry for a day.
  • Re-assemble and hope for the best.

You should also replace the battery if it has swollen. Resist the temptation to pop it to let the gas out. A compromised Li-ion battery is a fire hazard. If the device appears to power up but behaves erratically, then use a tool like 3uTools to flash the firmware as it may be corrupted.

A professional repair shop that does water damage repair may be able to recover your phone or the data because they have access to pro-level ultrasonic baths and specialized cleaners as well as the skills to troubleshoot your board. Many shops have a no fix/no fee policy so you don't have to spend money to find out if the phone is fixable or not.

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Thank you for the help! I appreciate it! I'll keep on trying to repair it!


@refectio Would you bet that a phone water damaged 18/24 months ago could be recoverable ? ;)


@af5000 Can you post a couple of pics once you remove the shields ? very curious here..



Plausible...it really depends on the type of water (salt water - not likely). Most of the damage occurs in the first few days, that's why rice is a no-no. If it was fixable after a few days, it will probably be fixable a few months or more later.


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Minho's guide is flawless. I would just say to get yourself prepared by ordering a new battery now, only because they are affordable and any battery order may take a week to arrive at your door.

Plugging in a charged battery first is NOT a good idea. However once you begin the troubleshooting process it will eventually be helpful to have a charged high quality battery on hand. What you find on eBay/Amazon can vary widely, but much of what's out there is unreliable. I consider ifixit's batteries to be high quality. They may even be better stock than what the local repair shop has on hand :)

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Thanks! I really appreciate the help! I'll get on with that! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!


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