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Reparaturanleitungen und Teardowns für alte und neue, auf Android basierende Samsung Mobiltelefone, inklusive der beliebten Galaxy Produktlinie.

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I got a lock pqttern on my phone ywsterday because I goy locked out an

i have asamsung g7 cell i was locked ot wed. so i took it to att they knew a combiination on my cell well they got it back and put in the dot pattern but idont know i have to use the dot pattern after no uuse of phne after10 min. so i foung the security on settings and i think i tturned it off so i wouled have to do th pattern everytime so now i did a combonation on the cell and on a lght green sceen its got a white block in center withh and aa arrow pointing down and under that its says dowm loading ... and under that thry told do not turn off target and thhats where im at can you help they did yesterday put a dot pattern on it and put one in now after 10. it gors to sleep and when iwsnt to use it i have to do the pattern everytime i dont mind now but my cell is still stuck on the light green screen they were able to save everything on my cell but i dont know what they did can you help me im not that great with electronics and i got it stuck about 45min. by now canyou help me, my cell 3 is [phone number removed for privacy] my name is thomas steadman

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It sounds to me like the screen you're referring too is the "Download Mode" screen.... To get the phone out of that mode & start up normally again you need to do the following to restart the phone:

Press and hold the "Vol Down"+"Power" Buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until you see the phone shut down then release the buttons. Your phone will reboot & start up like normal

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