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The RIDGID R84015 X2 is an 18v, 1/2 inch chuck, cordless drill.

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Bit won't come out of the chuck.

I used my drill today and I went to drill a into a piece of brick and the bit went back into the drill somehow. I can open and close the chuck but the drill bit will not come out. When I push on the end of the chuck it goes into the drill, it has a lot of movement.

I tried everything to try and get the drill bit out, nothing works, I don't understand how it could get stuck in the drill when I can still open and close the teeth to the chuck. Thanks.


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Open the chuck as wide as it will go. Hold it with the opening pointing down and tap the chuck with a small hammer till you can either grasp the bit with a pair of needle nose pliers or it falls out.

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The bit you were using got jammed into screw that holds your chuck in place.

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If you can still grsp the end of the drill bit with a bair of plyers bring the jaws of the chuck to the edge. Place a washer over the bit. Clamp a pair of vise grips on the bit and then turn the chuck out. The washer is just to protect the jaws. you might need to turn the chuck with a pair of channel locks.

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