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The Protocol Vento, released in 2017, can be identified by its model number: 6182-7RC. This model is Wi-Fi capable and includes a digital camera for capturing photos and streaming video.

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Why won't my propellers spin when I try to take off?

When I turn on my drone and connect the controller the lights go from flashing to solid but then the drone won't take off. The propellers spin for a second but then nothing happens. Help?

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There may be hair or debris entangled in the base of your propeller. To remove the debris, use the little silver lever (that comes with the drone kit) to pop off the propeller. Clean out the base (you may need some tweezers), and then just pop the propeller back into place. If that doesn't work, or if you know there isn't any debris, you may need to replace the propeller altogether. Here's the link for the manufacturer's replacement parts: http://www.protocolny.com/spareparts/dro...

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